Is Inspired by Our Own Mother-Daughter Relationship

It took 20 years for us to stop the cycle of unhealthy patterns, destructive behaviors, and pain that had been passed down through our matrilineal line. Something had to change. As mother and daughter, we committed ourselves to getting raw, vulnerable, and real with each other for the first time in our lives. We sought out tools to get to the heart-level and rebuild our relationship through meaningful connection, shared experiences, and mutual appreciation.

Our journey from Womb Mates to “Wound Mates” ultimately became Playmates and Soul Mates. It’s never too late to turn a painful mother-daughter dynamic into a powerful alliance. We’re passionate about walking women back to each other for a relationship that unlocks freedom and growth in all parts of life.

Turn Your Source of Pain into Your Source of Love

Do you and your Womb Mate often experience: 

  • Intense feelings of anger, frustration, fear, and loneliness
  • Feeling criticized, judged, rejected, or unaccepted 
  • High conflict, passive aggressive behavior, or emotional distance 

Our work gets to the root of what’s between you and your Womb Mate to bring lifelong healing. With new tools and bonding experiences, you will discover: 

  • Deep heart connection, transparency, and authenticity 
  • Freedom to “be the real me” with my mother, daughter or sister
  • Love, gratitude, and reverence for the most important women in your life 

Mothers and daughters are meant to balance, build up, and bring out the best in each other. Healing the connection with women closest to you will restore the foundation for healthy relationships in all parts of your life. 


This 2-day retreat is like a womb space itself: let yourself be nourished by delicious food, enlivening yoga practices, and a luxurious spa nestled in the redwoods. Enter a safe, supportive space to fully unplug from the outside world and spend quality time together. 

First, we acknowledge the sacredness of your mother-daughter relationship and uncover the blocks to greater intimacy. Then we will walk you through advanced communication skills and healing practices for the emotional and physical body. When the barriers to connection are broken down, the true potential of your relationship naturally emerges. You and your Womb Mate will experience deep healing and create new memories to mark the beginning of a mother-daughter relationship full of respect, understanding, and unconditional love. 


Call Each Other Into the Strong, Powerful Women You Are


Our core female relationships form who we are in the world including how we treat ourselves and others. You and your Womb Mate will take home: 

  • A solid pillar of support, intimacy, realness and togetherness
  • Healthy boundaries and easy communication
  • Self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love
  • Catalyst for exponential personal growth 

Healing the Womb Mate connection heals the relationship with YOU and ripples out to your family, community, and world. With heartfelt respect for each other, you and your Womb Mate will claim the full potential of your relationship: a lion’s den for strong, healthy, powerful women in the world.  

Contact us today to sign up for our next Womb Mates retreat in January 2020.