“Have enough courage to trust love
one more time and always one more time.”
– Maya Angelou

Intimacy with Others Starts with Intimacy in Our Own Lives

Many couples come to me because they are experiencing pain and unmet needs. These challenges and transitions may include:

  • Passive aggressive behavior and communication
  • Anxiety and insecurity
  • Poor body image, health and self care
  • Sexless marriage or porn addiction
  • Experienced trauma or violation

We avoid intimacy because it means sharing the secrets of our hearts, minds, and souls with another fragile and imperfect human being. Past trauma keeps us in a fear trance and we make up stories to avoid the pain. Our body, mind and spirit get locked in “fight or flight” and we struggle to make major life decisions from this place.

Reconnecting with Our Source of Unconditional Love

As we wake up our bodies, we stimulate the truth of what we need from ourselves and our partners. Together, we reemerge into a new vibration and work on the core wounds that trigger pain. Emotions rise and they are rich and full of contrast from current beliefs and past beliefs filtering what is your truth in present time.

I’m here to empower and guide you and your relationship to a higher consciousness. Together we we move through years of debris, stories, resentment and anger, restoring your relationship to a natural state of love.

An inspired relationship looks like:

  • Fluid communication with less arguments
  • Both partners needs are met
  • More flow, fun and peace
  • Open heart with more love and availability
  • Better sex, more orgasms and increased life energy
  • More vitality, money and abundance

I teach you to love yourself, trust yourself, and be whole so you can give and receive unconditional love from a place of empowerment. This leads to manifesting greater peace, happiness, and joy in your life regardless of what’s going on with the rest of the world.

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