“Talking to Theresa grounds me.  

She is a fantastic guide.

She makes me feel safe and secure
with her sweet angelic energy.”

“I am feeling empowered, confident, happier
than I’ve been in a very long time,
and just plain ol’ ready to take on the world.”

“Theresa has taught us new ways to LOVE and
share intimacy without all the pain and debris”

Heart Retrieval: Coming Home to Yourself

The Art of Intimacy is a journey home to our truest, happiest and most fully expressed selves. I work with individuals and couples to reconnect with your life force and uncover the truth of what you want,heal past and present pain. From this place, you will have access to more vibrancy, calmness ,connection  and freedom in relationship to yourself and others.

Access Your Full Life Force to Manifest Abundance, Dreams and Love

Intimacy is the greatest relationship you can have with yourself by living your core values, needs, passions and desires. The moment you step out of your truth is when you step into your shadow and pain. To come home to love, first you must come home to yourself.